Sara’s life as an artist is devoted to gender equality and women’s rights. She has dedicated her work to women all over the world who are suffering from inequality.  
In 2012, she graduated with an Art Masters from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in Austria. Sara’s artistic focus are in drawing, painting, and modern sculpture. Her fascination in the 3-Dimensional world of sculptures can be exhibited in her room installations, along with weaving and knotting. Her large scale sculptures and woven works encapsulates immense detail. Through which her viewers are given the opportunity to experience these pieces not from a distance, but rather through direct interaction. This allows them to feel close to the object through study and observation.  Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the world. 
Her artwork has also been sold individually to private collectors in Austria and Iran.   
Solo Exhibitions 
Talking With my Hands, Maybe We Will Find A Way 
(Sprechen mit meinen händen vielleicht finden wir einen weg) 
21-Jan - 27 Jan 2005  Vienna, Austria 
Installation and sculpture exhibition   

Tree of Life (Baum des Lebens) 
16-Aug 2012 Vienna, Austria
Installation and sculpture exhibition


Sketchbook in Colour

Sketchbook in Monochrome
Sculpture 1
Sculpture 2



Process and Exhibition Photos
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